Crown Point Estate

Crown Point Estate Spur Lane

Crown Point Estate is a privately owned, modern farming Norfolk Estate located on the southeastern edge of Norwich with a mixture of residential and commercial properties available to let. 

Residential Property
The Estate's residential properties are situated in a variety of rural and semi-rural locations, some offering beautiful views of the Yare Valley and Whitlingham Park and others in secluded locations within 10 minutes of Norwich city centre.    The Estate Office  team manage over 90 properties, many with long-standing tenants who take great pride in the homes they occupy.

Commercial Property
The Estate has a number of commercial properties; these include premises for retail, office, leisure and storage.  The management of these properties is carried out from our offices at Hill Farm, Kirby Bedon, in the heart of the Estate.  Maintenance is important, and we use a reliable and friendly team of external contractors to support us in this work.

The Estate covers approximately 5,000 acres of which 3,000 is commercially farmed by a busy team of six with an up-to-date  fleet of John Deere tractors, ensuring ultimate efficiency and high productivity.  The Farm Office carefully manages a mixture of arable, grazing and woodland areas from its base at Hill Farm.  
Crown Point Estate The Oaks Units
Crown Point Estate tractor
'...this corner of England which once it holds your heart is more lovely than any place on earth. Beautiful with a hint of secrecy which haunts it, as the memory of a dark and tender sadness clouds the brilliance of a summer day.'
Lilias Rider Haggard (Norfolk Notebook)
Crown Point Estate property 1
Crown Point Estate property 1
Property to Rent
Farming Update
From time to time residential property and commercial units become available to rent.  

Please click on the link below for current rental property. 
The farm is looking to 2020 and field preparations are underway.  Now the worst of the storms have passed, drilling has restarted for winter barley and winter wheat .  Potato harvesting is in full swing for supply to the McCann and Birds Eye and the lastest mint harvest is also complete.  
We will soon be starting our winter programme of hedge trimming and ditch clearing, which will carry on throughout the coming months.  
(Photo shows mint).  
Available to Rent